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Thread: Wish List for the AF 4500/3500/3400 series

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    Wish List for the AF 4500/3500/3400 series

    Inspired by a post by another member, I've decided to start this thread.

    IMHO, the AF 4500 series is a wonderful device that has undergone an amazing metamorphosis since it's inception and I'm very happy with what it does. Like all computer driven devices, it becomes dated after a relatively short span of time but unlike a computer, it does not need to be replaced every few years. It still puts what we have in the brand new airliner cockpits that I fly to shame and will hopefully give you many years of good service and flying pleasure.

    Let's be real. It is not going to do what the 5000 series and the newest Dynons etc. does as it does not have the processing power. So let's contribute what we perceive to be doable things to this list and see what the experts have to say. Maybe we can tickle out a feature or two from Rob and his great team.

    So I'll start:

    1. Audible autopilot disconnect warning

    2. European base Map with roads, rivers, railroads, cities etc. Yes, I am prepared to pay for it if it comes at a reasonable price

    3. Traffic interface using Power FLARM protocols
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    4. Audible gear warnings

    5. better handling of non-unique identifiers.

    6. Customiseable graphic for flap position indicator.

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    Strongly agree with the audible AP disconnent but I'd go a step further: With voice warnings and not just tones available, I'd go for "Auto pilot on EFIS" and "Auto pilot disconnected" and "Auto pilot off EFIS."

    I now have a good handle on all the great features but as a 55 year flying veteran buddy consistenatly points out to me; "You could really end up right up the creek in high work load IFR situations if you didn't have a good grip on the button pushing."

    These specific audio alerts would ease the tension in high work load situations and answer some questions which I regularly ask myself by checking after executing each function.

    1. Have I enaged the AP via the AP head or have I engaged the AP via the EFIS?
    2. Have I disengaged the AP entirely or have I transferred control from the EFIS to the AP head?
    3. When releasing the CWS button, have I transferred AP control from the EFIS to the AP head? (Yes you have)

    I understand the audible warnings would only be available when AP control is associated with the EFIS. A tone or two (1 for on and 2 for off) from the Tru Trak people for their AP control head would be a good feature also and clearly distinguish between EFIS control and AP head control.

    Can we please also consider the following:
    1. Larger (wider) visual indication of the Rate Of Climb including the blue diamond bugs. (A common complaint from whoever I take flying with me and I agree)
    2. Moving the air data (ASI and ALT) a little closer together when displaying the EFIS only page like on the 5000 series and other popular EFIS brands.

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    I second the audible autopilot connect/disconnect warning! Rob promised me something beeing working late 2013. In Germany we must have this now to get the A/P certified.


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    I'm getting the impression that none of this is going to happen for us 4500 owners.

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    All 4 of our software engineers are working on implementing the Skyview network in the AF-5000 and high resolution mapping. We are making really good progress and should be able to get an engineer on AF-4000 code in the near future. These things are what we currently plan on doing:

    1. Software to control the AF-Pilot from the EFIS screen with AP Engage and AP Disengage audio alerts.

    2. AP/FD mode display similar to the AF-5000

    3. Change FLARM interface from Garmin TIS to dedicated FLARM format.

    4. Better handling for non unique Map identifiers

    5. Larger Vertical speed tape
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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    Thanks Rob this is good news!

    Considering all the new big developments going on at AFS and Dynon, I can imagine you guys have a huge amount of work on your hands. We are grateful that we are still on the radar screen.

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    this are great news!
    I'm hardly waiting for the Flarm interface.
    Currently ADSB traffic via TIS has a bug. Traffic is always shown 180° opposite!!
    I did not believe in the beginning, but I had the proof by my GPS 496 which works correctly.
    Other Traffic via Flarm is shown correctly.
    I attached some pictures as proof. I also could repeat this bug.


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    AUDIBLE AOA WARNING - AOA is great, but would love some kind of audible tone that changes pitch as you near stall . . .

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