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Thread: Voice for Gear Warning

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    Voice for Gear Warning

    I had my 3500 repaired a couple years ago and I think I lost my voice gear warning at that time. I can only get it to beap for a warning now. I am flying a Glasair Sportsman amphib and gear down in the water is dangerous, and wondered if there is a way I can down load the voice warning back into my 3500.

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    Advanced Deck Sound Files
    At the botton of the Side

    Vans RV7a flying D-EMRV

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    found the files but will they work with a non S CPU

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    checked through these 17 files and there doesn't appear to be a check gear voice warning any more?

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    I will have to check on Monday, I don't think we had any voice for gear warning until the AF-5000 system?
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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    I have a micro switch controlled by my flap lever. It used to say check gear when I put my flaps on which are used for takeoff and landing on the Sportsman so it worked as a great reminder, as I deploy flaps without even thinking about it. My 3500 was repaired because the ahrs x wasn't going out and then when I got it back the rpm was unstable and so was sent back after a lot of trouble shooting for repair again a couple years ago.

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    The Sportsman should be saying flaps when the micro switch is activated, we only recently added the audio to say "Landing Gear" to the AF-5000 systems and don't have it for the older units. Are you sure you don't have the separate water/land warning system that Glasair sells?
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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    No, my plane is not a 2 week to taxi plane. It simply said check gear. There may be a new warning system coming out from whipair that will detect type of landing which will be a better solution anyway.

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