I Live in Norway and have a 3500 EFIS in my RV-7.
I've noticed that the fuel flow probably is showing too high.
Reason is that when I refuel and fill the tanks completely, the amount of fuel going into the tanks are always LESS that the "fuel used" number on the EFIS.
For example:
"Fuel used" showing 120 litres and the tanks take on 110 litres.
The difference is usually beetween 5 and 15 litres on a 100 litres refuel.

I checked the K-factor and it's set at 180 (it was delivered to me this way)
Can I adjust the K-factor alittle so to get the "fuel used" numbers more accurate?
If so; how much? What does the number "180" mean really?

The fuelgauges are within 1-5 litres usually so the error is in the FF I think.

And like to add that I'm VERY happy that I choose AFS! what a great product and company!
And I've already decided to install a 4500 in my second RV-7...