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Thread: Screen does not start up

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    Screen does not start up

    I have an AF-4500EE with an internal back-up battery, a few months ago I turned power on to the system before engine start and saw nothing except the large red attention getting light, driven from pin 14 of the EFIS main cable, light up after a few seconds. This was the 2nd flight of the day, on the 1st flight it started normally. As I was in a hurry I started the engine, where upon the box started up and behaved normally. The problem did not re-occur for some while, but now is happening more often. Usually starting the engine brings the screen into life. On one occasion it has not. I left the aeroplane for a while with the master switch on, the screen still did not come one when power was cycled, but did when the engine started. This is a single screen system, so I need it to be reliable!

    Can anyone suggest a what is happening and how to fix it?


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    Try a different SD card and see if anything changes.
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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    OK- Thanks!

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    Hi Rob,

    I have now used a different SD card for a few flights, initially it worked better but today (4 flights) the screen only started properly twice. The other two times screen came alive when the engine started.
    I have a generic brand of SD card - are there good and bad types of card? Is it important to use only a 2gb card?


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    Is the screen black ? What happens when you try and start it using button 1 and the internal battery?
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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    Speaking of the Startup screen, will we ever get rid of that 2 seconds of screen garbage that comes up every time the unit comes on? People think there is a major malfunction every time they see it.
    John Kazickas
    Sands Point, NY
    Glasair Sportsman N9GZ

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    Yes, the screen was black, didn't try button 1. I've now bought a couple of San Disk SD cards - since using them I've not had a recurrence of this problem.


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    To update this thread a little further, I have had the screen refuse to start again, and have figured out a fix.
    The problem is now very intermittent since switching to the San Disk SD cards.
    The EFIS is powered from my Endurance bus, which runs from the main bus via a power diode (= a small volts drop).
    Switching on the Endurance bus switch (that is connecting the battery straight to the Endurance bus, with no volts drop) kicks the EFIS into life.
    I also believe my internal battery is not holding charge very well, and so may be further pulling down the available voltage.
    Conclusion is that a good 12v is needed for a cold start up. A weak battery through a power diode, and a weak internal battery further pulling down the voltage, may not have enough power.
    If experiencing start up problems ensure the internal battery is in good condition, and San Disk SD cards are used.


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    Peter, thanks for this good infomation I only wish I had found this thread earlier. I had this issue Wednesday after I downloaded SD Flight Data and then put the card back in only to find out the screen wouldnt come on. I called tech support and we tried checking for voltage, etc... I never did have confidence in that backup battery since new as it never really held a charge for very long, but seemingly has helped the screen turn on all these last 200 hours since new.

    Yesterday I sent my 4500 back to AFS to see if they can get it running. I have a hard time believing the unit only lasts 200 hours and a harder time believing that the last thing I touched - the SD card - is the culprit!

    I will update the site as soon as AFS tests my unit.
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