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Thread: New software update coming

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    Great Features

    This is what we said we would do:

    1. Software to control the AF-Pilot from the EFIS screen with AP Engage and AP Disengage audio alerts.
    2. AP/FD mode display similar to the AF-5000
    3. Change FLARM interface from Garmin TIS to dedicated FLARM format.
    4. Better handling for non unique Map identifiers
    5. Larger Vertical speed tape[/QUOTE]


    These features sound great and thanks for listening about the VS tape. Looking forward to them! I'm also excited about the AP alerts.
    Any chance of moving the air data in from the sides a little on the EFIS only and EFIS/Engine pages, similar to the 5000 series? I hand flew my instrument renewal yesterday in mod turbulence and without prompting, yet another experienced pilot/testing officer suggested the same. (VS tape and Air Data inwards) I told her I had already requested these features.

    Flight over Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House still on offer (With or without software improvements!)


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    Looking forward to the updates as well. One additional fix that has been committed to (in a separate recent thread) is getting the audible timer alert working.

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    Rob, from another thread a couple of years ago:
    We are currently finishing the flight plans in the AF-5000 series units, you can save, load, and transfer a flight plan from an external PC. Once we finish the flight plans on the AF-5000 we plan on working on the AF-4500 system.
    Did anything ever come of that?
    I only ask because I came across it whilst looking for an answer to another query I had regarding "no flight plan available" but I need to re-read the manual before I ask that question.
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    and as an idea, the only 4 things i'm writing down after every flight needing paper could also easily be put on a flight debrief page.
    e.g. after every flight we go to the check->maint->admin->datalogs->start to save the last flight record to sd card. on this page would be really interesting to have the efis write down the following times:

    - off block time (when the aircraft moves under own power for the first time)
    - takeoff01-takeoff99 with a timestamp, anytime the airspeed moves past a certain threshold and in more or less level "flight"/ground run
    - landing01-landing99 with a timestamp, detect landing based on passing a certain airspeed threshold from above while in more or less level "flight" and at more or less terrain elevation
    - on block time, the last time when the aircraft moved while the engine was running.

    this would be a very convenient timekeeper aid.


    Off Block: 13:24:23Z

    TO 1: 13:28:33Z
    LDG 1: 13:55:20Z
    00h 27m True Flight Time

    TO 2: 14:01:00Z
    LDG 2: 14:10:20Z
    00h 09m True Flight Time

    TO 3...:
    LDG 3...:
    00h 00m True and so forth

    On Block: 14:15:13Z
    Total Block Time: 00h 51m
    Total True Time: 00h 36m
    0-99 Landings

    Do you want to save the datalog / YES
    that would then save the efis datalog, this information above in text format and a google earth trackfile as well (like the excel sheet that sprung from someone in the community does)

    the current wording and menu tree for the data log save is less than ideal for a routine action.
    and this timekeeping tab/notepad page could be a very nice enhancement. possibly also storing the airports/locations in case you do touch and goes on various airports.

    Hi Rob,

    will be the above feature part of a future update update?
    This would be really great for us european pilots as we need this for our airframe logbook and pilot logbook.
    I have attached 2 pictures.
    Airframe Logbook needs the true flight time.
    Pilot Logbook needs the block time (starting when aircraft starts to move with engine running, ending with last time when the aircraft moved while the engine was running.)
    An easier way to save the data log is appreciated. Like an automatic data storage after engine shut down, for those who want...

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    I can't recall if a glide range circle has been mentioned somewhere before but that would be good safety add on in an future software update.

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    I am grateful for the features that Rob has committed to include in the 4500 update. I can also understand the commercial pressures involved in finding a balance between supporting outdated systems with improvements and encouraging upgrade purchases.

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    And another month goes by without any updates as promised.

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    The AF-4500 software had been delayed for a major new ADS-B software update that needed to be in both the AF-5000 and AF-4500 systems. We are currently working on the AF-4500 software update.
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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    I see stick woke up from his nap a few posts ago to complain again. I for one am very pleased with the 4500s I have, but then I'm easily pleased. I also got what I paid for, i.e. the features that were listed when I bought them. Anything else above and beyond that is just gravy that I wasn't promised at the time of purchase and didn't shell out one cent for.

    Nice job Rob and keep up the good work.

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    Schmoboy, I hope you had more than the 10 hours with your 4500 that I did before I found out that the unit was going to be playing 2nd fiddle to it's replacement.
    In any case, it's not the 4500 I have an issue with, it is a lack of information and broken promises. If those promises were not made, I would have no legitimate complaint.
    Rob has, at last, given us some information as to what the delay is so for the moment I will go back to sleep, but I'm sorry to inform you that I will at some time wake up again and will expect to have the undertakings promised fulfilled or at least a full and frank explanation as to why they will not. As a customer it's not much to ask is it?

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