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Thread: Different GPS questions

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    Different GPS questions


    I have a 4500 and have been flying with it for a year, I like it a lot! I have always had a problem getting good GPS data into the unit. I have an old King KLX-135A, a TT ADI (with internal GPS) and a B-K AV8or handheld, and also an SL-30. The GPS receivers in all of the units work - right now I am unable to tell if their output ports are active, but the should be(!). The 135 was GPS1, and the ADI GPS2, the datastream showed very slow GPS updates - once very 45 or 50 seconds. I've recently added the map, so GPS performance is more important, so I swapped GPS1 to the AV8or. Now I'm seeing 'NO GPS' all the time. So that indicates the unit was running on the output from the 135, and that the ADI is not sending anything, or I have the input settings wrong.

    Can anyone recommend GPS input settings for?

    Bendix-King AV8or GPS - I'm using the B-K supplied serial cable
    TT ADI

    If neither of these are going to work, can I plug an AF-GPS straight into serial 1 (it has a standard 9 pin d-sub on the end with RS-232 pin out), does it require power?

    Thanks, Peter

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    I only have the AFS gps which is basically just an aerial (AIUI). Buy an aerial, plug & play!


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    Hi Colin,

    Its actually a bit more than an aerial

    It looks like AFS set up the device properly, and install a connector, before sending it out.


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    Shows how little I know!

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