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Guys, You just spent a bunch of cash to build a great airplane with state of the art avionics, why not invest a few bucks with some training that will gat you comfortable with the 21st century?

We live and die by our habit patterns. The "rule of primacy" is that we remember most what we learn first. Why not learn how to use the "magic" screens correctly and begin imprinting that on the grey matter?

Fly Safe!

It's a question of priorities. Notice that none of us said we were going to continue using the six pack, but those of us fortunate enough to have two screens in front of us, it assists with transition. It did help tremendously during transition training and allowed me to focus on learning to fly a new aircraft. I'm also going to keep the six pack up on one screen for the first flight and potentially the next several. My goals for those flights aren't focused on learning to better use the EFIS, but to stay focused on the airframe. The last thing I need on the first flight is to take longer to find a particular piece of information when I need to be focused on flying the aircraft during an emergency.

So we agree on the end result, but just have different opinions on how to get there.