I have the Europe PocketFMS (PFMS) data working on the AF5600 after a bit of too and throwing with excellent support from both PFMS and AFS. You must be running the latest version of AFS - AF5000VX8.16.08-MV16 Updated 02-15-2013 from:

As PFMS pointed out the PFMS Dataset does NOT contain maps; it contains data on airspaces, airports, obstacles, frequencies and such. You use the Jeppesen under lying map still dated Jan 2011 downloadable from AFS web store (free), but as it only seems to show countries/sea/rivers, not a problem.

On a first look, and a 40 minute flight it looks like a good improvement. My local area matches the official CAA maps, and a local reporting point MALBY (the most used airways joining point in the area) was missing on the Jeppesen, but is on the PFMS. Also there are several military and gliding fields marked on the PFMS that are missing on Jep.

Below is a screen shot of the AF5600 running PFMS and the AF4500 running Jep, both are with the latest cycle:

AF5600 - PFMS
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AF4500 - Jeppesen
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A good example of the difference is the ‘Nearest’ the PFMS has picked up several useable airfields, some military and several gliding sites:

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Well done all.