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Thread: Pocket FMS success

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    But not the 4500?
    If I had a GNS430 would I be able to crossfill from that to the 4500?
    I'm not suggesting that I can upload a flight plan from PocketFMS to the 430, I'm just trying to establish the path. If the 4500 will accept a crossfill then maybe there's a way to simulate that data as if it did come from a 430?

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    The AF-4500 will not read a .GPX file. All of the EFIS systems will display the flight plan from a 430W
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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    I'm struggling to get my head around this.

    So, AIUI, PocketFMS will create an exporting flight plan in.GPX format.

    The AFS 4500 will notaccept/read a .GPX file via the SD card

    But the AFS 4500will accept a flight plan from a GNS430 via a serial port.

    If a flight plan on a GNS430 is in the form of a .GPX file why can't I import a flight plan to the AFS 4500 from an SD crad via a serial port using some kind of emulator or card reader?
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    The 430w flight plan is sent to the 4500 using the serial rs232 port in Aviation format.
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by madenau View Post
    Can we expect to get the map data (rivers, highways cities) from PFMS later as well?

    Any news here?


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    The info you require is already here in this forum AIUI.

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    I am currently at Aero in Germany and we are talking to them about additional data.
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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    I have to say that the adoption of PocketFMS map data has been an enormous improvement, thanks guys!

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    I'm very pleased with PocketFMS map data!
    Now I can see all this small airfields which you can't see on the Jepesen data and for a very small price we get monthly updates.
    thank you Rob!
    Lancair 390 OE-CCM
    AFS 4500EEA - AFS Pilot
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Hickman View Post
    I am currently at Aero in Germany and we are talking to them about additional data.
    Howd it go?

    Also wondering about VFR approach charts and airports that comes in the Dynon SkyView Version 7.0 for europe, will you also add this now?

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