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Thread: Pocket FMS success

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    Only if the runway endpoints are in the PocketFMS data. We will be at Aero in Germany in 3 weeks and plan on meeting with PocketFMS.

    I will get Shawn to check LOIJ
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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    I'm very happy that PFMS is integrated in the EFIS.

    Looking forward to meet you there!

    Lancair 390 OE-CCM
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    Here is a shot of LOIJ on a 4500 running PocketFMS. LOIJ is part of the LOVV FIR.
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    Shawn McGinnis

    Advanced Flight Systems

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    Thank you Shawn for the picture!
    Now I can't miss my home airport ;-)

    Lancair 390 OE-CCM
    AFS 4500EEA - AFS Pilot
    Austria / Europe

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    Home Runway LSZF, now with the displaced threshhold in the Synthetic Vision.

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    Hmmmm! So if I understand correctly we have to use the old Jeppesen base map with the aeronautical data that comes from Pocket FMS. What are the legal ramifications? Is the unlimited use of the Jeppesen base map covered by the one-time purchase of the AFS mapping software? I just see too many documentaries here about people getting letters from lawyers demanding huge sums of money for unknowingly violating data rights. My understanding was that the European base map for download on the AFS website is a Jeppesen map and is made available as a building block to be supplemented by the rest of the package once you've paid your subscription to Jeppesen. I don't want to pee in the beer barrel and spoil the party but I also don't want to be the recipient of an unwelcome letter.

    Could someone throw a little light on this matter. I too would love to use the pocket FMS data.
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    The base map data is not from Jeppesen, AFS builds, owns, and maintains it. We built it originally to support the Jeppesen Nav data.
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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    I'm elated to hear that! Thanks Rob, it's good to know there are no issues on this score and a wonderful base map it is. So I guess I just have to add the Pocket FMS data. See you at Friederichshafen in ten days then.

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    Over on the PocketFMS forum I posted a question aboout loading a flight plan.

    So, does that mean I can now construct a flight plan with multiple waypoints on my desktop PC and the load it on to my AFS4500 via the SD card?
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    Re: AFS (Advanced Flight Systems) EFIS Export success :-)

    by rongrenfell ยป Mon Apr 15, 2013 2:27

    There's no specific FP export to AFS. What format do they use for FP's? If it's GPX based, there is a GPX export in PocketFMS now and EasyVFR in the next version
    Anyone know tha answer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stickandrudderman View Post
    Over on the PocketFMS forum I posted a question aboout loading a flight plan.

    Anyone know tha answer?
    The AF-5000 systems will load and display a .GPX file from the SD card.
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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