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Thread: Gretz inputs on 5600?

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    Gretz inputs on 5600?

    I know Bob L had posted about possibly using open serial ports to annunciate Gretz pitot status as it comes through the vertical power supplied converter.

    Has anybody actually done this, and if so, could you elaborate?

    Do any of the AFS techs have thoughts on the feasibility?



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    There is no magic here.

    The Gretz unit drives the included LED annunciator board to supply voltage to drive the LEDS when activated. All the Vertical Power board does is to reverse the functionality go to ground when that feature is activated. This makes it compatible with the annuciation options in the VP and most vendors EFIS (including AFS).

    I have it installed in my RV-10 and it drives a VxAviation IL-12a annunciator board. I have ten annunciated devices, which is more than can be displayed on the EFIS.

    Matt Draile (of Matronics and Kitlog fame) built his own device to interface the pitot to his GRT screens and functions identical to the VP unit. You can read more about it on the VP forum site:

    Marc Ausman (Vertical Power) also has it installed in his RV. I'm sure if you call and talk with either Marc or Jake @ VP, they'll be happy to provide more details and perhaps references of other installations.

    The design issue that you'll need to make is that you only have three input lines on each EFIS. At the moment (at least on the 4500s) the input lines are dedicated to each unit and aren't addressable across the ethernet bus to other units. This is what drove my design to an external annunciation device to get all my annunciators located together. Having three on one screen and a different set on another screen, I found to not to be preferable to me. I'm not knocking the EFIS design. All vendors are similiar in this case and I understand their design goals. In this particular case, I had different requirements which is different from the typical user. So to connect the Gretz unit to your EFIS, it would take all three of the inputs on one EFIS. If this is all your need, then this is a great option. If you need more, you make want to look at external annunciation like I did.

    I just got my RV-10 fuselage back from the paint shop. Give me a few weeks and I'll show you the panel all lit up.

    Bob Leffler
    N410BL - RV10 - Flying

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    Thanks Bob,

    I did check with Marc, and he wasn't aware of anybody that had done it, and recommended I pose the question in this venue - I think Matt used his to drive the VP-200 - but I'll have the VPX.

    I think the 5600 has 3 inputs per screen as well, so that might be the limiting factor for me as well, although I think I could make it by with 6 total - will have to do some more thinking...



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    I have the VP/X too, which is why I went with external annuciation.

    You can look at the board that I used at:

    They quit manufacturing the boards last year, but it appears that you may be able to buy a kit to make them at: It's all open source, you you can get the board mask and make your own if you so desire.
    Bob Leffler
    N410BL - RV10 - Flying

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