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Thread: Data Logging

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    Data Logging

    I understand that the data logging is controlled by a file called LOGCFGSD.AFD, and that a 1 in front of the parameter means record, and a 0 means do not record. I have 2 versions of this file that have different parameters. Is there a list of all parameters available?

    Can I change the data logging rate? I would like to measure my performance and really need to log every second, or even every half second - I realise that the length of time I can log for will reduce.

    When I down loaded the data file the other day the writing function stopped and I could not switch off the unit - had to wait until it decided to switch off (battery was flat?) The data file downloaded was corrupt half way through. Is there anything I can do to prevent a recurrence?

    The GPS data down loaded is static for around a minute at a time. I am using a Trutrak ADI as the GPS input. Is this a reflection of the data coming in, or does the unit process the position data in some way? The Ground Speed output is also 0.

    What is 'Back Volts', what units is 'Flight_Time' in?

    Thanks, Peter

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    I too noticed that after I installed the latest s/w update the screen froze and i had to leave it until the battery went flat. it worked fine when I re-started it later.

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    There is a data logging rate adjustment in calibration, we ship them at 5 seconds.
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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    The TruTrak ADI does not have a gps? You must have another gps in the plane the is feeding the ADI and the Efis?
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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    My ADI is 6+ years old and came with an onboard GPS. The install manual says it outputs the basic NMEA sentences. I do have a KLX-135A hooked up to the EFIS, but I'm not confident that its output is being received properly - no GPS arrow on the HSI when tracking a GOTO or route.


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    What version of software are you running?

    Time should be in Hours.

    We are recording whatever the GPS is sending.

    Back Volts is the voltage of the backup power input, Not the internal backup battery.
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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    Thanks for that. The first line of the data file says AF-4000s Software Version: S8.6.22-MV15 SN: 61173

    I'm looking at getting a arduino based NMEA recorder to log the GPS streams to start figuring out where the problem is.

    The 'Flight Time' parameter is giving 0.28 after landing when the Hobbs is saying 2.8 more than at switch on.


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