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Thread: G3X software bug in v7.0

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    G3X software bug in v7.0

    FYI, I had an issue today with my AFS A/P losing GPS today very consistently. It would cycle "NO GPS" and "GPS OK" all during my flights today.

    I posted this on the VAF site and Garmin confirmed the bug is in the latest 696 software and the latest 7.0 G3X software.

    I emailed AFS support today and you guys can disregard my email as I have the answer.
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    I'm having a Garmin 496 (sw version 4.50) and when flying the A/P in Efis mode (arinc) , about every 20 min I loose Gps. 5min later it comes back.

    Lancair 390 OE-CCM
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    Lancair390, did you just upgrade to v4.5? If so, you may be experiencing what we are with our 696's and G3X's. If my memory serves me correctly, I think the 496 is able to hook up with the GDL39 and that is where Garmin is running into the problem. They updated this devices to accept the GDL39 and introduced a bug that intermittently affects the GPS.
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    Mastro, I'm having this problem since 2 years now, but did not realize it in the beginning...
    I just discovered that the original remote antenna is not very good compared to my old one from a GPS 95.
    Even the handheld antenna is better then the remote antenna. I will now try to fly with better antennas to find
    out if the problems comes from the antenna!
    Lancair 390 OE-CCM
    AFS 4500EEA - AFS Pilot
    Austria / Europe

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    I just saw a post on the VAF site regarding this and the 496. I know you said it has been an ongoing issue for you, but if the Garmin Expert comes back with an answer I'll update this post. If you had an issue and this new software causes another issue, you may not know which is causing the issue. I just got the new update today from Garmin for my G3X - v7.10 now is suppose to fix it.

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