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Thread: Bezel Size

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    Bezel Size

    I see there is information for the cutout for the 5600 on the website, but what is the size of the unit once mounted? I am trying to determine how much real estate I need to leave around the hole for the unit to fit the bezel when mounted. Thanks!

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    Check the manual


    Page 72 of the manual has the bezel dimensions. A link to the manual is at the top of the AF-5000 support page. Also note "For ease of service the panel should have 6-32 plate nuts installed for mounting the screens" at the top of the page. The mounting screws are installed from the front of the AF-5000 units, trying to install individual nuts from the back of the panel can be a challenge.



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    Thanks, I had seen the cutout dimensions on the product page and then skimmed the manual, but missed that page. It was right under my nose. Thanks!

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