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    no audio

    Have 2 4500's. AOA is calibrated and display on the 4500 works great. I have no audio "angle angle push" at 115% of stall. The display graphic is correct at 115% of stall, but no audio. The audio is set to "on" in the AOA calibration page. The volume is up - I hear other messages. It plays when on test audio in calibration page. My software is S8.622-MV15 (Feb 10 2012). Thanks - Bob Kurrle

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    Lower the landing override value.
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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    Hi Rob

    Is that a value in the calibration page under AOA? I am not at the airplane now, but will look tomorrow. What is the "landing override value"? I always like to understant the why. Thanks - Bob Kurrle

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    The landing override acts as the low speed cut-off for the audio. If this value is too high it can disable the audio while the aircraft is still flying. This setting is in Calibration under the AOA section.

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    Thanks - I found it in the calibration AOA section and will lower it. _Bob

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    OK - I lowered the landing override and now the audio works too good. It is "angle angle push" on takeoff and on landing including the rollout! Explain how the AFS uses the landing override number so I can fine tune it. I assume it should prevent the audio during landing and takeoff - but how does it do that? If you are slow in the pattern and turn steep base to final (not me) after overshooting and are approaching stall, I would like to have it say "angle angle push". I would like to understand how the landing overrride is used and what the number represents. Thanks - Bob Kurrle

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    If the wing PSF is below this number it will cancel the audio warnings.
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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