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Thread: Software Installation Instructions (non "s" CPU)

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    Software Installation Instructions (non "s" CPU)

    Please see attached instructions for installing new software and sound files.

    Software Version&#32.pdf
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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    I've just gone thru the installation process for new AF3500EE 'S' CPU - update only. I think I followed the directions properly, but didn't write down the software version b4 I stated the process. Following the install process I wrote down: "Software 7.4.23 -MV12 (Jan 6 2010); OS Version 806 (Dec 28 2009); FS Version 1.04; IC Version 4.1"
    Is this the latest????

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    same problem

    I have the same problem. Spent hours fooling with it over the weekend. Downloaded and successfully installed the MV-15 update for the 4500 Deck. But, no joy on the 3500 download which I think should be MV-15 also. Formatted the SD card FAT32 each time. Downloaded the 3000 zip file to my PC then extracted the files to the SD joy. Then downloaded the zip file to the SD card and extracted from joy. Each time I get 7 files but when I boot up the 3500 is says there are no updates available and still shows MV-12.

    First file is AF3000.AFE.

    It shouldn't be this frustrating and counter intuitive.




    Lancair ES N144GP

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    Anybody from AFS care to repsond to these posts???? 4-22-11



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    Also, can someone tell me the latest software version for non "s" units, (specifically, AF-3400)?
    John Kazickas
    Sands Point, NY
    Glasair Sportsman N9GZ

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    Current software for non-s units is 7.3.7-MV15
    Trevor Conroy
    Technical Support
    Advanced Flight Systems

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    Is any work being done on software for the non-S units? There's a few of us that have a serious investment in those units too and there hasn't been a release for those in a while, we know there are some features that need correcting. I sincerely hope we haven't been forgotten....

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    At this point we consider the AF-3400/3500 units software to be complete. Which specific features are you interested in them having?
    Trevor Conroy
    Technical Support
    Advanced Flight Systems

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    It's mainly bug fixes Trevor (like http://www.advanced-flight-systems.c...GT-CHT-display and I'm sure others have been identified). I'd also like to see the screen(s) receive a time check from the GNS430W via ARINC as was mentioned in another thread. I've also noticed a couple of other funny things going on that I need to spend a bit of time with so's I can describe them to you :-)

    I do appreciate your focus has to be on new products but it would be nice to know that some of the enhancements (not necessarily new features) you're bringing out for the newer systems are being applied to the older ones where possible/practical. This might include changing font of countdown timer, faster boot time, etc
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    Unfortunately getting a time check from ARINC or GPS is a lot more difficult that it appears, otherwise we would have done it on the new system by now. It is on our list but will require a significant time investment and we aren't sure it is worth the effort. Unfortunately boot-up time is a limitation of the hardware at that time. When we changed processors to a much faster one for the AF-4000 series, it allowed us to speed up the boot time.
    We always welcome comments/suggestions/bug fixes for both the new and old system, so please keep them coming.
    Trevor Conroy
    Technical Support
    Advanced Flight Systems

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