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Thread: Which system to buy?

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    Which system to buy?

    Hello Rob and Trevor

    I had finished my panel planing for an RV-7A. It include a 2 screen solution from AFS 3400, one to display the engine and VP-X data and one as EFIS.

    Now the question that came up, which system's shoud I buy?

    Option 1:
    EFIS System, 1x AF-3400EF EFIS 6.5" Display
    Engine Monitor, AF-3400EM Engine Monitor 6.5" Display

    Option 2:
    EFIS + Engine Montor single screen system, AF-3400EE Single 6.5" Display
    MFD — second slave screen only, AF-3400MFD MFD 6.5" Display

    There will also be a AF-Pilot, a AFCU from "Bernie" and a VP-X in the panel.

    There is a smal price difference, thats not the point, I want to know from you, which setup gives me a better, less loaded, less complicated system, more redundant panel?

    You are the designer, I only see the screen from the front side, so any input is helpfull.

    Thanks alot and kind regards,


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    I'm neither Rob nor Trevor.......

    I think you may want to consider an Option 3 if you are truly looking for redundacy. That would be to consider an EE and an EF. WIth this option, you'll have redundant EFIS, AHARS, and Magnetometer.

    Option 1 is a good choice, but doesn't offer redundacy. If you lose an unit, you'll lose the features associated with that unit.

    Option 2 is bascially a single EFIS with a monitor, a good budget solution, but no redundacy. Lose the EE and you've lost everything.

    As Stein says, my two cents worth of advice, which is worth what you paid for it.

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    Bob Leffler
    N410BL - RV10 - Flying

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    Hello Bob

    Yes, your neither Rob or Trevor, but your two cents ar welcome two!

    Your right, Option 3 gives a good redundancy .. if I would go IFR (which is here in europe not allowed with experimental build airplane), then I would go this way.

    Thanks for your input.


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    Hi Dominik,

    Since you are in Europe where you can't fly IFR, a single AHRS system isn't a bad idea. Having two AHRS is good for redundancy though. The choice is yours.
    Option 1 is a better one than 2 since all of your eggs wouldn't be in one basket.

    If you haven't already, putting an actual size cutout of the AF-3400 on your panel is a good idea. The AF-3400 is a very capable unit but its text size is smaller than our larger screen models (AF-3500/4500). We have to put a lot of information on one screen so it can, at times, be packed. At this time there is no way to increase the size of the text and still be able to show the essential flight instrument information.

    Trevor Conroy
    Technical Support
    Advanced Flight Systems

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    Hi Trevor

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, I thought about the small letters too, that was also my biggest concern! I had a paper panel 3500 in the past, but not tryed it since the rest of the panel got more to final version. Will do the test again.

    I have to move the AF-pilot from the left to the right, change it to a flat pack and place it under the 3400 EM.

    I remember that Andy from Adair (GB) hat it the same way, a 3500 left and a 3400 right.

    I come back on this.

    Regards, Dominik
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    Hi Dominik,
    I am guessing this is a tip-up. I'm sure you have thought about this, but just in case, don't forget to ensure you have clearance for the canopy frame behind the top of your panel.
    Steve Hutt

    RV-7 / AF4500-EE / AF4500-MFD / AF-Pilot AP (not yet flying)
    West Sussex, UK

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