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Thread: Oil Pressure Transducer

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    Oil Pressure Transducer

    It seems my Oil Pressure Transducer is on its way out. It is continually reading 40PSI before engine start, gradually climbing up to 80PSI as the engine warms annd at times spiking well into the 90s or beyond. It then drops to <10PSI after engine shutdown.

    I see you don't have OP transducers on the AFS webstore so I'm guessing I need to go to Spruce for that. Which transducer should I get? Will I need to change the configuration settings on my AF3500EM?


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    We do sell the oil pressure transducer. Is your current transducer gold or silver in color?
    Trevor Conroy
    Technical Support
    Advanced Flight Systems

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    It's the silver (VDO) one Trevor, and by changing my search from "Oil Pressure" to "Oil PSI" on the webstore I've found it :-)

    Quick question - how long do these normally last?? I've got ~175hrs (tacho) on my engine now so if they're going to fail this frequently it might be worth me getting a couple to save on shipping, etc

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    Steve, the life of the sensors depends on how they are installed and the unique engine they are run with. Since Oil PSI is typically very consistent at all RPM's, the wiper inside the transducer tends to wear away at the range band. This can also happen faster if the Oil PSI is fluctuating a small amount rapidly. So the short version is it's different with every engine/installation.
    Trevor Conroy
    Technical Support
    Advanced Flight Systems

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    Thanks Trevor, exactly the answer I was expecting...ordered my spares today ;-)


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