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Thread: xm problems

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    xm problems

    Have an XM receiver that interfaces with dual AFS 4500. Done through ethernet hub. For months I have intermittent displays from XM due to receiver cycling from active to idle according to diagnostics on AFS. Some flights OK and others will see cycling and then data light on XM will go out. Then power light will go out after another 5-10 min. Have tried independent pwr to xm. Replaced the ethernet hub and seemed to work ok for a month then started again. Leads me to suspect the ethernet hub. Wondering if small voltage fluctuation could be causing as the hub is designed for 12v powerpacks. XM seems to work fine outside the aircraft. when I bypass the hub ie go direct to one of the 4500's seems to work ok.
    Anybody have a similiar experience or any ideas more than welcome

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    What type of hub are you using? Is the XM module connected to the battery bus or avionics bus? What about the ethernet hub?
    Trevor Conroy
    Technical Support
    Advanced Flight Systems

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    I have been experiencing the same issues. Per Rob's recommendation I connected my Hub to the master bus and the XM to the avionics... Thought that fixed my problems, but after a couple of flights noticed the same behavior of intermittent XM connectivity. The hub I am using is the one recommended early on by AFS


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    We have a number of people that have it working without problems, I fly it almost every day I am not seeing any problems with the XM.

    1. Are you positive that the ZULU time is correct on all your EFIS screens? If the ZULU time is wrong on the EFIS the screen will think that the weather is old and not display it. We have a number of customers that will have their ZULU offset wrong and then set the ZULU time wrong so that their local time is correct. This will cause XM weather issues. The date must also be correct for the current ZULU time, if it is after midnight in England you need to use tomorrows date. The good news is that the next software release will set the ZULU time from the GPS.

    2. Is there anything common that happens when you lose the WX? I find that I can lose weather on the EFIS and on my 496 when I am flying North in Seattle, the satellite is in the southern sky and my antennas are on the glare shield. If I move the antenna or fly south it comes back.

    3. How often does this happen and how much do you fly?
    4. When you lose the WX does it come back over time on the same flight?
    5. Have you tried cycling power to the WX box when it happens and does it fix it?
    6. Where is your antenna mounted?
    7. What software version are you running?
    Email me directly with the answers to these questions and I will see to it that we get to the bottom of it. We need to eliminate as many variables as possible to isolate the problem.
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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    Trevor i was using the AFS recommended Linkysis? The hub is on the avionics bus. The xm is on it's own switch as i got it off the avionics bus.
    1 I will check this out.
    2 No there is not a geographics problem. Happens all over and at random.
    3 Fly several times a week. is happening 50% of the time.
    4 No
    5 yes i will recycle but normally will shut down again
    6 On the dash RV 10
    7 8.03.28
    Isolating the power to the xm has not seemed to solve the problem. Even hooked up with seperate battery. I continue to refocus on the hub. Replaced the hub a few months ago and worked ok for awhile then started the same pattern again. Bypassed the hub direct to the 4500 and seemed to work fine. Just got a better hub/switch from Stein's and first flight was good. To be continued.

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    Kevin, the AF-4500 generates a bit of noise with the newer and faster processor. Having any antennas on the glare-shield could definitely cause problems. Have you tried relocating the antenna? Many of our upgrade customers have built a small shelf on the top of the firewall to put the GPS and/or XM antennas, just below the top cowling. You may want to experiment with XM antenna locations a bit.
    Trevor Conroy
    Technical Support
    Advanced Flight Systems

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    will try that as well

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    Sounds like a bad hub.
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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    Is it by chance the Contemporary Controls EIBA5-100T that Stein sells? If so, I've had issues with it also. 2nd EFIS/EM and XM are attached to the hub for me and when the hub hiccups I lose XM and remote AHRS because of it. I've replaced it once with the same model and still occasionally have the problem. If I recycle power to the hub, everything comes back online.

    If anyone has a suggestion for a different model of 12v ethernet hub to replace the Contemporary Controls EIBA5-100T, I'd probably do that.

    UPDATE: Looks like a lot of people use the Cisco/Linksys SD 205
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    We have the Cisco/Linksys SD 205 in stock and ready to ship.
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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