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Thread: AF-Pilot & AF-GPS

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    AF-Pilot & AF-GPS

    I'm putting together a system with AF-6500, AF-Pilot, AF-GPS, & ARINC.
    The AF-GPS will be the only GPS in the system.

    My question is about the serial port on the AF-Pilot. Should I wire the
    serial output of the AF-GPS to the AF-Pilot serial input? Will I have any issues
    controlling the AF-Pilot with bugs and flight plans in the EFIS using
    only the ARINC interface?
    - DanB

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    Dan, you should parallel into the RS-232 TX wire from the AF-GPS and run it into the autopilot. Otherwise everything will work just fine as far as bugs controlling the autopilot. The only limitation you will have is filing /G or conducting GPS approaches.
    Trevor Conroy
    Technical Support
    Advanced Flight Systems

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    Thanks Trevor,
    This is a VFR-only plane so I'm good to go.
    - Dan

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