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Thread: AOA Tubing Size/Connectors

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    AOA Tubing Size/Connectors

    Is the AOA tubing 1/8" OD? Do you know of any quick disconnect style that can be used with this tubing? I'd like to have the tubing plug into a connector in the wing root rather than have to wait and run the tubing all the way to the EFIS.

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    Hi Charlie,

    When I got my AOA kit (I forget which part - A or B kit), it included two small barbed brass couplers. It's my intention to use these at the wing root.

    The great folks at AFS have always catered to my ordering of piecemeal components. Give 'em a call.


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    Stein and McMaster-Carr both have the quick disconnects.

    Jim Berry

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    They have the larger disconnects for static tubes 3/8, not the smaller size that the AOA uses (1/8"). Thanks though.

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    I found 1/8" tube union (connector) at Fluid Connector Products in Portland, OR [ ]. They are Parker 32PLP-2. The guy at the counter said these were the expensive brand and were $3.63 each. Fastenal may also have carry a similar product.



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    Excellent! I'll have to make a drive over and check em out next week.

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    I just picked up a copy of these and they work great. Just like the larger 1/4" size, just smaller obviously. These will work great in the wing root connects.

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