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Thread: Update Tach time on retrofitted unit

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    Update Tach time on retrofitted unit

    I'm retrofitting two 3400's in our RV-8 and need to update the Tach time to reflect the actual tach time of the aircraft. It is not documented and a previous post (in the old forum) was not answered.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Figured it out. It's in the NVRAM.AFD file. Update the following records:
    HOBBS_TIME, 07722
    TACH_TIME, 05964

    The last digit represents the 'tenth'. In this case, Hobbs is 772.2 and Tach 596.4

    Would be nice if this was documented somewhere. Maybe an idea for the next manual update (unless I missed it somewhere)?

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    How to access NVRAM.AFD file?

    Trying to update tach & Hobbs times in retrofitted 4500. Unable to open NVRAM.AFD file in either Mac or PC. Can this be updated through the EFIS? If so, what is the pathway?
    Kenneth Melvin

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    Administrative mode

    I opened the file in Wordpad or Notepad. However, I believe these numbers can be changed in administrative mode as well. Contact AFS for details, preferably when you're at the 'controls' of the unit.

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    Wait for new release

    In the soon to be released new version of the software you will be able to change Hobbs and Tach time via a regular menu setting without having to change a file manually and without the need of going into admin mode. I would assume this will be via the 'Admin' option in the Calibration menu.

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