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    Shunt Question

    My electrical system includes a main alternator and a standby alternator (SD-20). I plan to come from my main alternator to an ANL 60 amp current limiter to the contactor. My question: Should the shunt be after the current limiter or before or does it even matter. I would think the current limiter may provide some protection for the shunt.

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    Maybe I should ask another question, I am using Bob Nuckulls AeroElectric Connection Z-12 archetecture for my electrical system. Where should I be placing the AFS shunt to start with?

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    I put mine before the ANL Limiter. Works fine there. It would be hard to damage the shunt.

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    The AFS literature suggests using shunt for main alt/batt and Hall Effect transducer for the #2 alt/batt.
    There are two methodolies depending on the EMS manufacturer for reading amperage. Some prefer alternator lead while others prefer battery lead mode. It is my understand that AFS only offers alternator lead mode with their EMS; alternator lead mode will show how much power is being generated by the alternator. It will indicate zero when the engine or master is off or the alternator is dead. It does not show amperage being drawn from the system?

    My Question. Is the above statements correct? And is it correct to wire from the alternator-shunt-ANL-contactor?

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    Your assessment is correct, we read amperage from the B-lead of the alternator. It would be fine to connect your b-lead via the order you described.
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