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Thread: Amps & Volts from VP-X

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    Question Amps & Volts from VP-X

    Just received my 4500s-EE today -- awesome. Everything plugged right in, and I quickly located one wiring error (warning light on the wrong pin) I'm going through the setup menus, once thing I haven't yet been able to figure out...

    How do I get the voltmeter and ammeter to use the values from the VP-X (Pro, if it matters)? If I go to the VP-X page, I see the values reading out there, but it appears that the voltmeter is using the internal sensor to read the primary power input, and the ammeter is looking for the shunt (which I didn't install, since it seemed redundant with the VP-X), so always reading zero. The flaps & trim, starter annunciator, etc, all display as expected.

    I suppose I could disable the ammeter display and leave the internal voltmeter, then flip to the VPX page to check the amps; but it'd be nice to have the ammeter displayed along with the other gages.


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    At the moment, you've got a couple choices.

    Like you mentioned, just have all the electrical info on the VP-X page or you can install redundant sensors and have them on both locations.
    Bob Leffler
    N410BL - RV10 - Flying

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    Thanks Bob, clears that up.

    If I leave out the shunt, I assume I'd have no high/low alerts, since the AFS is simply displaying the value on the VP-X page?

    Trevor, et al: perhaps parsing out those values and giving the option to use them as the source for those gages could be in a future software upgrade? Doesn't seem that it should be too difficult to work in, since they're already being parsed for display.


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