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Thread: Peak Detect and EGT/CHT display

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    Peak Detect and EGT/CHT display

    Hi guys, I've got my screens set up to display all temperatures in degrees C. When I select Peak Detect On, the CHT & EGT readings change to (I'm guessing) Fahrenheit. The readings return to Celcius when Peak Detect in turned off.

    Is this an unplanned feature?

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    I like the term "unplanned feature"...we'll go with that.
    I'll let our software team know. Thanks for pointing that out!
    Trevor Conroy
    Technical Support
    Advanced Flight Systems

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    Hi guys, is this feature going to be fixed? It is a pain as I'm not a fahrenheit guy....

    RV7QB ZK-NVS/AF3500EF & EM/GNS430W/SL30/GTX327/TT ADIP II - 790 hours (Hobbs)

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