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Thread: KX-155/165 Compatibility?

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    KX-155/165 Compatibility?

    Hi, based on the following article:

    "We have extensive test equipment and three aircraft that we use for flight testing. Most testing is done in our RV-4 and our RV-10, we routinely fly our RV-10 in actual IFR conditions. We have [and test our system with] a SL30, 480, 430W, 195, 295, 396, 496, GTX330, GTX327, Zaon, Avidyne TAS600, Dynon D10A, D100, GRT Horizon, and most if not all of the latest Bendix King radios."

    ... I'm wondering if the KX-165 radio is a supported ILS source for the HSI on the 3500s and 4500s?


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    The KX-155/165 outputs analog signals which are not compatible with our RS-232 input/outputs.
    Trevor Conroy
    Technical Support
    Advanced Flight Systems

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