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Thread: What kind of video would you like to see?

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    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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    I agree with Don, I have an IFD 540 and would like to see a training video on how to integrate it with my 5800 to flight plan, navigate, and fly approach and missed approach. Thanks!

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    The ifd540 manual will show you how to flight plan but the 540 is nice that it will auto sequence (if setup is set to auto miss), then if cdi is selected on afs efis to ifd navigator, if wired correctly will show all flight plan sequence on flight plan page of efis to match ifd flt plan page. Bonus is autopilot coupling will sequence and fly approach in that mode.
    Dave Ford

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    AOA calibration maneuvers and bottonology for the 5600 with Dynon Heated pitot.

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    One of our recent panel customers just made a terrific video showing the whole AOA calibration:

    No video, but the newest AF-5000 user guide, pages 22-46 has a comprehensive breakdown of EFIS buttonology:

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