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Thread: What kind of video would you like to see?

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    What kind of video would you like to see?

    We need your help! What feature or Calibration item would you like to see a video produced for?

    We're already planning to produce a video highlighting Fuel Tank Calibration and Autopilot Calibration.
    Trevor Conroy
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    EGT/CHT leaning

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    I would like to see more information for dual screen set-up. Things like should the screens be plugged together when doing the mag cal? what about when doing the fuel tank cal etc Thanks. Don

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    I'd like to see the ending of the approach video. The transition to missed and the missed itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amekler View Post
    EGT/CHT leaning
    Yup, me too

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    I'd like to see 3 videos:

    1) Typical VFR flight from startup to shutdown. Show how the fuel computer works, how you can navigate with external GPS, use of the map. Different formats, etc.

    2) Typical IFR flight - kind of the same thing, close to what you've done. Show a couple different approach types.

    3) Overview of installation & software setup... including how to update firmware.

    Thanks for asking!

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    Typical VFR use, basic functions, interaction between SL30 and GTX..., VOR/NDB tracking etc.
    Essentially a beginners guide to glass cockpits!

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    EFIS Training

    There are a lot of features on the EFIS that are very easy to understand after going through the manual, but I would like to see a video on navigation through the EFIS. This seems to be the week point of most people. How to link flight plan routes from a 496 or other gps to show on the map. Would like more information showing the EFIS setup before departure and then navigating to waypoints with the autopilot. How to set up and navigate with the internal flight plan.

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    We are working on it.
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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