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Thread: Cold weather = dead EFIS?

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    Cold weather = dead EFIS?

    I have a dual -3500 setup in my RV-7A. Normally they work great. But on very cold days when I start the plane, the AFS screens will not turn on - no sign of life whatsoever. Do you know why this happens?

    Above roughly -5 deg Celsius both screens always work great. Below -15 deg Celsius both screens are always dead. In between (which is normal for the entire winter here!) it is anyone's guess - in fact sometimes one screen will work but not the other.

    Is there any way to improve the cold weather performance? e.g. will a new efis battery help? Or would an upgrade to -4500 eliminate the problem component(s)? Pre-heating the cabin works fine, but that luxury is often not available when we travel.

    As much as I love my AFS units, it is hard to recommend them to any other local builders when I know they won't even turn on 3 months per year! Would love to see this fixed!


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    Hello, I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with cold temperatures. Where are you located that is so cold? The AF-3000 series units do not consistently boot below -15 as you mention. We've improved the hardware significantly with the AF-4000 series ("S" CPU) and it is able to boot in much lower temperatures. We have an upgrade program that would allow you to upgrade your units to AF-4500's with the same wiring and panel cutout for $2,000 each (through tomorrow as the price goes up in 2011).
    Trevor Conroy
    Technical Support
    Advanced Flight Systems

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    Hi Trevor,

    I'm in Ottawa, Canada, so we get plenty of winter here. Good to know there is a fix, albeit it a pricey one. I actually put my name on the upgrade waiting list months ago (mostly just to get SV), but have never got a call/email. Can I schedule it now to take advantage of the 2010 price? Please let me know who to contact - or they can call me today at 613-852-2120.

    Matt Pearson

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    Hi Matt, yes please contact Tricia. I'll let her know to give you a call if she doesn't hear from you. I apologize you have not been contacted about the upgrade. If you get on her list before the end of the day, you ca take advantage of 2010 pricing.
    Trevor Conroy
    Technical Support
    Advanced Flight Systems

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