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Thread: Generic input alarms with timeouts

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    Generic input alarms with timeouts

    Hi AFS,

    For a 4500EE, is it possible to configure a generic input with a timeout? I can't seem to find a combination that works. The closest I've found is to configure an input as a tank xfer but I can't change the displayed label to 'Boost Pump'.

    Thank you,

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    This should work.
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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    How is timeout supposed to work?

    I've been trying to get timeouts to work as well in an AF3500. To get the labels to display with nothing connected to theu nit I set the logic to "Normally Closed". Then the green square lights up on the switch input indicating that the input is active. No matter what I put in the timeout field, the label appears on the display in run mode.

    Does the timeout function act as a "delay" and inhibit display of the label (and audio) when the switch input become active? I think this is how the manual implies it should work.

    Or does the timeout function act as a true "timeout" and cancel display of the label after a specified period has elapsed since the switch input became active?

    In either case, if you select normally closed for the logic you get the labels with no apparent variation over time.

    Also, is there a way to associate an audio file with a generic input?

    PS - I'm running 7.3.7-MV15 in an AF-3500EF.
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    I just tested this feature to verify it works correctly. When Tank XFR is selected as an input, the timer won't reset until the unit is power cycled. Any other input with a timer will reset the timer after the input is triggered off.
    To get audio working, select Audio ON in the INPUTS page. This will give the standard two-tone alarm after the timer times-out.
    Trevor Conroy
    Technical Support
    Advanced Flight Systems

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    Hi Trevor,

    Can you confirm that you can change the label for 'Tank XFR' inputs? I did this other night on the latest/greatest 4500 f/w and it still displayed as 'Tank 1 XFR' after I saved and exited the configuration screen.

    Thank you,

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    The newest software does have a bug where it won't save the input labels. The next release should fix that.
    Trevor Conroy
    Technical Support
    Advanced Flight Systems

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    Hi Trevor,

    That would be great!

    I noticed that in the 7.8.14 release notes that there was a 'Fixed input label saving' bullet item. Out of curiosity, what labels did this fix?

    Thank you,

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    Release notes?? Where do we find them for the AF3500 (the 'poor cousin' non-S variant ;-) )??

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    For the "S" CPU systems, they were on page two of the 7.8.14-MV15 installation instructions.

    Bummer...for the "non-S" CPU systems, they don't seem to be included in the 7.3.7-MV15 installation instructions.

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    Mmm, noticed that...feeling decidedly unloved as a number of us have been asking for this for a while :-(

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