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Thread: Dynon Heated Pitot Ground

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    Dynon Heated Pitot Ground

    [Sorry this was posted to the wrong topic but I can't fix it]

    Installing a new Dynon heated pitot assembly as part of an HDX upgrade that includes an ACM.

    To connect the black ground wire, according to the ACM installation manual, pg127: "Black Ground #14 Locally grounded using ring terminal".

    This goes against the Dynon pitot installation manual which specifically states:

    Do not connect the Black (Ground) wire to the airframe as a Ground connection.
    Doing so will introduce high currents (10A) into the airframe. This can introduce a
    significant voltage drop, and potentially cause engine instrumentation, avionics,
    and audio system electrical problems.

    What's the proper procedure for grounding the assembly?
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    I have my Dynon Pitot/AOA probe grounded locally to one of the ribs and have no issues.

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