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    Map Data

    Now I'm using the maps in my AF3500s I'd like to keep them up to date. A problem I'm having is I don't know how current (or not) the data in my screens is compared to that on the webstore.

    Can AFS please add the release date of the data (map &jeppesen) to the webstore so's we can easily tell if we need to do an update or not?

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    The web store shows the effective dates of the map data on the top of the page in red letters after you click MAP DATA on the left side of the page. The version in your EFIS is displayed both on the I AGREE screen at boot-up and in the ABOUT page (CHECK -> MAINT -> ABOUT)
    Trevor Conroy
    Technical Support
    Advanced Flight Systems

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    Thanks Trevor, found that bit, I guess I was being generic in that the Jeppesen dates don't seem to be there...or am I just having a "man-look" :-)

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