I have two AFS 5600's in my RV-10 and am looking at installing a Monkorkz MZ-30L backup alternator (I know, its really a generator, but I just can't say "backup generator") and am considering ways to get a current reading when it is active. I see in the software release notes that the Vx16.10.25 software upgrade "Adds Monkworkz MZ-30L Analog and Shunt Current Sensors". Does this mean that you can now have 2 shunt inputs? Where would I find the pin-outs for this? Are there any detailed descriptions of these upgrades? Just having release notes is inadequate to figure out the details of all these upgrades.

I am also considering taking the shunt output of the MZ-30L to the input side of the main alternator shunt, since they won't both be on at the same time. I have not done much research yet on this option and don't know if it would affect the main alternator current reading, so at this point it is just a thought.

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on this issue? Any constructive response is appreciated.