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Thread: EFIS 5500T checklist

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    EFIS 5500T checklist

    Have exchanged a couple e-mails with Jonathan about the use of checklists in the EFIS. I understand how to program the checklist contents and they appear correct and in the right order.

    What I haven't figured out is how to manually assign the EMER, ESTART and B4-TO buttons along the bottom of the EFIS. Jonathan told me that these are hard coded to page 6, page 1 and page 3 of the checklists respectively. My ESTART button is correct and brings up page 1, the BEFORE STARTING ENGINE checklist. The B4-TO button brings up page 3 but that is actually my second engine start page and the EMER button brings up page 6 but that is actually my AFTER ENGINE START page.

    I would like to assign the B4-TO button to MY page 6 and the EMER button to MY page 15 where these checklists are actually located. I created an after start checklist, a cruise checklist and a descent checklist as well and these don’t work into the way AFS sets up the default logic. I don’t think I can do that currently but every airplane is different and having a purge valve for instance requires a hot start procedure and I would like to customize my checklist and have it do what I want it to do in the sequence I want, not the default assignments.

    Is it possible to request this ability on the next software update so I can assign MY page numbers to these checklist buttons? Would this also affect the following defaults?

    - At 0 RPM, the first page displayed will be the Before Starting Engine checklist (page 1 AFS default)
    - Between 1 and 1250 RPM you will first see the Before Takeoff checklist (page 3 AFS default)
    - Above 1250 RPM you will first see the Emergency checklist (page 6 AFS default)
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    I second this request. I make extensive use of the checklist system, but never use the preprogrammed buttons because they don’t match the appropriate lists in my sequence. To me it is more important to have my lists in a logical flow than to be in the preprogrammed locations but the preprogrammed buttons would be useful if they could be made to point to the right lists.

    Along those same lines, I’d like the transponder squawk code to reset to VFR 1200 on engine shutdown. I’ve been burned by forgetting to reset the code before my next flight. I’ve added a line to my preflight checklist to reset the code but having it reset automatically would be a nice feature. I know this has been requested by others in the past.

    Maybe this is the wrong place to request feature changes. Is there an official suggestion box?

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