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Thread: RICH/LEAN display on EFIS

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    RICH/LEAN display on EFIS

    I have an AFS 5500T EFIS, in the pilot’s guide it describes showing the word RICH or LEAN status on the display. I have never seen either on my EFIS but perhaps I just haven’t noticed before. I do see percent power always displayed. Do I have to select a specific setting in the EFIS to be able to display RICH or LEAN status or is this automatic?
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    I haven't seen any responses from the AFS folks so I'll give it a crack. I have been flying with the AFS 5600 screens for about 18 months and as far as I know, it's automatic. There may be a built-in assumption that you are starting from RICH. In any case, you will typically leaning (to LOP) in cruise, so the mixture will definitely be RICH. As you lean, you will see PEAK (I suspect it is when the first cylinder EGT hits peak) on the display and then as you lean further, you will see LEAN on the display.

    You can use the PEAK function and get more specific information - once it has hit peak EGT, it will tell how many degrees each cylinder is running lean (or rich) of peak. You can use that to lean to a specific degrees lean of peak. I tend not to bother with the PEAK function - I generally lean till I hear roughness and then enrich it a bit till the engine runs smoothly.


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    I got an answer from Rob at AFS- evidently I had an older version of the software to go on the “engine manufacturer” page with a lot of manually inputed RPM vs MAP tables and an altitude correction table. Mine said engine manufacturer was “other/unknown” that evidently was an old way to do it. I have since changed the manufacturer to Lycoming after updating the latest version 16.10.35 software. Haven’t flown it yet but I’ll bet it will work correctly now.

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    Problem solved, flew with the settings changed to AFS recommendations and the Rich/Lean display works fine now.

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