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Thread: Clock and ILS Issues

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    Clock and ILS Issues

    Hi - Two unrelated questions:

    1) 24hr/12hr/Z clock times are wrong in all 3 of my screens (touch 5600, touch 5500, nontouch 5600). In searching other posts, I see Jonathon said "The AF-5000 gets its time from the GPS almanac. The EFIS does not have an internal clock battery, rather, the EFIS backup battery is also the clock battery. If the TCW backup battery is ever disconnected, completely discharged, or the ATO fuse on the battery blows for any reason, then the EFIS will lose count of time." So does this mean that my backup battery is currently dead and/or the fuse to the battery has blown? Or is there another possible explanation? And of course, how can the time be reset correctly? It's interesting that the time isn't reset/corrected each time it re-connects with GPS.

    2) "ILS Source Needed" ... I'm not sure if that was the exact alert message that the 5600 gave me, but it was during the ILS 9L at KOPF. I was on the final approach course before the FAF and the NAV was tuned to the correct localizer freq and the GTN650 was set to VLOC ... but the green needle flashed on and off screen and was consistently off to the right even though I was in the center of the approach course (according to GPS and visual confirmation). I had flown a different ILS the week prior and didn't experience any issues like this. ??

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    Do you get the thirty second countdown when you shut off the master at the end of the flight and do the EFIS displays stay alive for the full thirty second countdown? If no to either then backup battery is toast. In such case, the clock will eventually sync with a valid GPS fix, but it will not happen as soon as you have a fix. Rather, the clock only update after the full GPS almanac has been downloaded, which takes 12.5 minutes.

    The ILS source message sounds like it came from your Garmin, we have no audio messages of the sort on our EFIS.

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    1) Both screens stay on for the full 30 seconds after master is shutdown. So the backup batt seems to be ok.

    2) The ILS message was a text message - not audio - displayed toward the bottom left side of the left screen (touch 5600).

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    With a functioning backup battery the clock will persist from boot cycle to boot cycle. If only the hour hand is off but the minutes are accurate then make sure you are dialing in the correct time zone from the TIMER --> OFFSET page.

    The ILS message you got was probably SET ILS / INBOUND COURSE then, which is alerting you that you need to manually set the inbound approach course using the OBS bug.

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