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Thread: Dynon vs AFS

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    Dynon vs AFS

    Is anyone aware of threads that provide a pro / con between Dynon Skyview screens and AFS screens?

    I have been flying behind Dynon for a while (2011) and am starting a new build and like what I see on the AFS screens.


    Flying RV14, Building RV10

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    I suspect that everyone reading this forum may be a tad bit biased. ��

    Did you see the video that Rob posted on Facebook this week? That may help your decision a bit.

    Just get the AeroSport Products 310 panel and three AF-6600s. Next question?
    Bob Leffler
    N410BL - RV10 - Flying

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    I was hoping for bias! I want to hear what folks like and dislike. I left notes in VansAirforce and the Dynon forums and responses been pretty balanced. Next step is to sit in front of an AFS unit and see how it “feels”.



    Flying RV14, Building RV10

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