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Thread: Flight Director Format

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    Flight Director Format

    I tried to adjust my horizon line (AFS 5600), while flying. I 'thought' I understood well enough how to do it, but I proved that wrong. I usually print out the pages I need, but this looked easy...... Somehow, somewhere, I changed my Flight Director from the familiar chevrons to a "Crosshair". I have no idea what I did to do this and have been unable to get it back to the chevrons. It's amazing how fixated one can become with an unfamiliar display!

    Help please! How do I get back to the Chevrons?



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    SET --> EFIS --> FD DUAL / FD VBAR button will toggle flight director cue styles.

    SET --> AHRS --> PITCH ADJ --> and twist the joystick knob to adjust your horizon line.

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    Thanks Jonathon! Easy enough when you know the fix…


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