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Thread: Echo skyFYX for GPS source?

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    Echo skyFYX for GPS source?

    Not sure what Echo uses for data protocol. Can I split the output and feed the 4500 or do I need a dedicated GPS?

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    SkyFYX is NMEA 115200. An AF-4500 can't read that so yes you will need a separate GPS.

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    Hi Jonathon,
    Can we discuss the SkyFYX/EchoUAT issue a bit further?

    I've been feeding traffic data to my AF-4500 from a SkyFYX/Echo's serial output, with position info supplied by another device. I sold the equipment I was using for the AF-4500's position source, so I need to make other arrangements.

    Supposedly, the GDL90 traffic serial data stream from the Echo includes position data. Is there a configuration setting in the AF-4500 that will allow it to use position data embedded in the GDL90 traffic stream? Or is the only solution for position data to add another GPS?

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