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    Trying to understand the attached display. I'm at 3500 ft, 19 miles out from my destination, my altitude bug is set for 3500 ft, yet my HITS box in my synthetic vision is well below me. Why is that?

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    John Kazickas
    Sands Point, NY
    Glasair Sportsman N9GZ

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    What was your altitude when you entered and activated the destination?

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    I have the same problem. I can adjust my HITS altitude with the bug when I have a direct to airport selected. If I use the FPL button to enter a runway, the HITS boxes go to some other altitude and you cannot change it with the altitude bug. I can see no way to enter an altitude when in the FPL mode. You can select the airport and select a runway and as far as I can see you cannot select anything else.

    To get your HITS boxes to the right altitude, the manual says that to re-enable the HDG and ALT bugs in FPL, you select [SUSPEND].

    All I want to do is select a airport, cruise altitude and put in the runway to get the HITS boxes to guide a landing.

    The user manual is not adequate in explaining FPL procedures.

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