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Thread: ACM Wiring

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    ACM Wiring

    I would like to use the "taxi" and "cabin lights" output on the front harness for other things. Are these pins Hot? Or are they switched power?

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    Both are switched through pins on the ACM Panel Switches connector. The cabin lights circuit can be set always hot in the SET --> CAL --> Electrical menu. If set as such, the status of the pin will be ignored. This is provided so you can use a dimmer on the load side, running the circuit from a switch only gives you the option for on or off.

    At present moment it is only possible to switch the taxi light circuit from the taxi light switch pin on the ACM panel switches connector. With the ribbon cable harness provided with your panel, the easiest way to intercept this pin would be for us to send you another connector that you can clamp on to the ribbon anywhere along the length, you can then wire a switch to the newly accessible pin, or just jumper the pin to ground which will cause the taxi light circuit to be always on.

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