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Thread: AOA AF-5000 menu settings explanations

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    AOA AF-5000 menu settings explanations

    I always get AOA warning during the take off run before rotation and after. Which parameter in the AOA menu do I need to adjust and in which direction. I did not find an explanation in the manual or might have missed it. Can anyone provide help.

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    SET --> CAL --> AOA. Change "Landing Warning Override" to your stall speed.

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    The landing warning override is in psf, I assume pounds per square foot not in airspeed. See attachment.
    Is the stall speed really supposed to be substituted for the number 8?
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    It is not. Michael has an SV-ADAHRS, and with this equipment the landing warning override is expressed in IAS. For displays with internal airdata computers and wing AOA ports, the value is expressed in wing PSF, and 8.0 PSF is the default value.

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    I changed the Lining override from 53 to 52

    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathon View Post
    SET --> CAL --> AOA. Change "Landing Warning Override" to your stall speed.
    Hi Jonathon,
    I had the speed set at 53 kts and changed it now to 52kts, not sure if that will solve it but I'll report back asap. See attached my AOA config screen.

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