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    Landing warning override ....

    I have an "AFS Pilot" autopilot, which was installed by the builder 10 years ago in conjunction with the AFS4500 with in-wing ports for the AoA system. When the 4500 died, I replaced it with a 5400 which uses the pitot for AoA through the SV-ADAHRS to the 5400 via the SV network.

    I see recurring warnings around the web regarding the "Landing Warning Override" configuration setting. The warning states that the setting for "Landing Warning Override" should be 8 for in-wing pressure ports are used, and that I should now change that setting to 1.0 since I'm now getting that info from the pitot.

    Is this setting change still recommended in my situation? I ask because the current setting for Landing Warning Override, which was carried over by AFS from the 4500, is set to 45, not 8.

    Gotta be honest, I don't even know what the Landing Warning Override is.
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    Landing warning override variable is expressed as wing psf for users with the wingport AOA, but is now expressed as knots IAS for users with the SV-ADAHRS. This makes it vastly easier to compute what the value should be. The point of the variable is to set a threshold below which you will stop receiving AOA warnings because you are probably rolling down the runway and these warnings would be a nuisance. When expressed in IAS, this is as easy as setting the value to your stall speed.

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    OK, that's helpful, thanks. It makes sense because when I got that 5400 from you guys, that number had been set to the airplane's stall speed.

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