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Thread: AF-5600 autopilot issues

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    AF-5600 autopilot issues


    As I mentioned in a couple of other posts, I just bought an RV-10 with 2xAF-5600, an IFD540 and a Trutrak Vizion 385 AP.

    The previous owner had set the plane up to fly from the right seat and the Engage hard button for the AP works fine from right side EFIS. I have been flying it from the left seat and I see that the Engage button for the AP (when the AP button is pressed from the main screen) is greyed out and cannot be pressed. If I press the AP button on the touch screen, it works fine. Does anyone know why that button is greyed out and what can be done to get it to work correctly?

    I had a weird issue yesterday when I was trying some instrument approaches. It seemed like the AP could be engaged by doing a long press of the CWS button on the stick. It was really frustrating for a bit because the AP wasn't doing what I expected. I then realized that when I used the CWS button to engage the AP, the AP indication on the screen was turning yellow (and not green). If I engaged the AP by pressing on the AP button on the touch screen, I found that the AP worked fine (and the indication was green). What's the significance of a yellow AP indication? Is it possible to use the CWS button the engage the AP which would be helpful given that the Engage hard button doesn't work for me.


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    Does anyone know why that button is greyed out and what can be done to get it to work correctly?
    Looks to be a bug, we can reproduce it here. Comfortable calling it a bug since you can indeed still use the touchscreen button on the EFIS which does not have the physical serial port connection to the Trutrak, just not the physical ENGAGE button. We'll get it looked at.

    The CWS button engages/disengages if you tap the button. When you hold it, as you did, it instead engages CWS, control wheel steering mode. This disengages the servos to let you hand fly a maneuver. When you let go it reengagges the servos and syncs the hdg/trk bug with your new course. The yellow indicates that the EFIS is aware the AP is on but not sending steering cues to the EFIS, you will also see this when running the AP from the head unit instead of the EFIS.

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