I just acquired an RV-10 with 2xAF-5600 and an Avidyne IFD540. As best as I can tell, the AF unit is set up as the host WiFi with the IFD unit as a client on it. I have connected my iPad running Foreflight to the same WiFi.

I am trying to transfer a flight plan from Foreflight to the IFD unit. It worked the first time I tried it but since then, whenever I try to upload the flight plan to the panel from Foreflight, the AF unit is asking if it should accept the flight plan.

The AF manual has this note on it: "Once you have your flight plan set up in ForeFlight on your iOS device (iPad or iPhone), you can send it to AF-5000 EFIS Flight Planning page and Moving Map. The EFIS CDI source (Flight Plan) must be set to Internal to accept a flight plan from ForeFlight."

On the AF unit that I believe has the WiFi dongle, the EFIS CDI source is set to GNAV1 (which is the IFD unit) so I am puzzled about why the AF unit is grabbing the flight plan. Any ideas on what I can do to prevent the AF unit from accepting the flight plan?