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Thread: Transponder code reset after flight, option?

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    Transponder code reset after flight, option?

    I fly with an AF-5500, and (I believe) a Dynon transponder. One problem is that it will squawk a previously set transponder code days after landing, which has led me to take off with a code I shouldn't have been using. Of course I try remember to set it when I land and in pre-flight, but it's easy to not notice, and it's a few presses to SET/XPDR/VFR when following the on-screen checklists.

    While I understand wanting to retain the previous code in case of a power cycle, I imagine the majority of pilots (in USA, anyway) would want to switch back to some default (for me, 1200) following a power cycle after landing.

    Is this something that's already an option? Is there some use case I'm not considering that would make sense to keep the previous squawk?

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    I came here to ask this question and found I already asked it!

    So, maybe this is a feature request - is this something others have asked for as an option?

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    I too have failed to reset the xpndr code and did not catch it on the next flight I think two different times. I should probably re-write my checklist to check for it. Would be nice if it went back to 1200 on bootup. I'm sure it would create different issues though not sure.

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    Yeah I just did this again the other day!

    I was thinking turning the EFIS on while not flying would be a good trigger - maybe a similar criteria that begins the power-off countdown when running on backup power.

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