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Thread: Vnav question

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    Thanks, Jonathan. If I wanted to replace the TruTrak with the Skyview Autopilot (with a panel mounted head-end), what are the components that would need to be changed along with approximate labor costs (assuming that it is done during a condition inspection)? Also, would it seamlessly integrate with my AF-5600 and IFD units?

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    At a minimum both servos would need to be replaced with the SkyView models. The Trutrak brackets can be reused, as well as the wires, though they will need to be repinned of course. The autopilot control panel is technically optional, but if you add it you will want to rewire your trimmer switch and trim servos into it, the control panel will then be your new trim controller, enabling autotrim when the autopilot is engaged.

    You would need to solicit a quote from an avionics shop, my guess would be 20-40 labor hours for the install.

    Integration is already quite good with the Trutrak autopilot, but yes with the SkyView you will get a few extra capabilities such as VPFL and IAS modes.

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    Thanks, Jonathan! I do like the idea of a dedicated AP control panel as well as the VFPL and IAS modes but since I just started flying the plane, I'll give myself some time with the TruTrak and see if I really "need" the other capabilities!

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