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Thread: WANTED: TT Autotrim Module

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    WANTED: TT Autotrim Module

    Anyone have an older rev TT Autotrim module that they have laying around and want to part with? Mine failed and will not pass through the trim servo commands when the autopilot is disconnected. (not enough voltage).

    I picked up the the newer rev of it from AircraftSpruce, but it does not work with the AF-PILOT for some reason.

    I have be trying to get mine repaired but am not having any luck with Mid-Continent getting back to me. Bendix just sent me to them for repair. Horrible support.

    This is the model/rev I am looking for:

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    Any help or pointers would be appreciated.
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    Was unable to find a module that worked. Tried the newest from Bendix and an older TT one. Neither worked. Guessing pinouts or functionality changed to no longer match the AF-PILOT. I've created a male DB25 jumper that acts as a pass-through to the pitch servo and pitch trim so I can still fly with manual AP trim.

    Unfortunate after six years I need to look for an alternative that involves new servos, autopilot, and most likely PFD just because my autotrim failed. Makes me want to stay away from smaller companies.
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