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Thread: Autopilot Airspeed settings

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    Autopilot Airspeed settings

    My configuration: AFS5600 with Skyview autopilot servos.

    I have configured a Airspeed Min of 70kts and Airspeed Max of 170kts for my autopilot through the SET > CAL > AUTOPILOT configuration menu. The autopilot seems to operate correctly using these settings.

    There is another place on the PFD where I can set Autopilot speed settings, however. If I press SET > AP then I see Min Speed is set to 36 and Max Speed is set to 99. These numbers are not meaningful and it is not clear to me that they do anything. Can someone explain what these numbers are and why they are different from the settings I specified through the calibration menu?

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    Ah, good find. That looks to be an issue with speed unit of measurement. One is showing 36 Meter per second (native to the SV-AP) and the other is showing 70 Knots. I've pinged the software team to fix that inconsistency.
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