Just installed a GTN650Xi into my dual-4500s system, it works swimmingly in initial ground & flight testing.

What messages are supported in the FADC1 output format? Specifically I'm wondering if GB (True Airspeed) is/could be sent, as that can be used by the GTN to calculate and factor winds aloft when displaying the glide range ring and closest emergency landing airport.

From the RS32 debug screen on the GTN it appears the following messages are being received (though this is on-ground, I haven't looked to see if there's differences while airborne):
  • GA IAS
  • GD Pressure Alt
  • GF OAT
  • GL Heading
  • GO Fuel Flow
  • GP Fuel Used
  • GR Fuel Rem
  • Ga Baro-corrected Alt
  • Gb Baro Setting

Thanks ~